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why don’t i have cat ears. fuck life


dont ask me what tf im talking about. i dont know ok? im just the vessel. the message has been gifted. i‘ve moved on


turns out you don’t have to be beautiful at all, you can just be




*gently places a small mushroom in your hand*


*gently places another small mushroom in your hand*


mushrooms are very powerful. I would trust a mushroom before I would trust any man.



straight cis people complain about lgbtq+ people shoving it in their faces all the time, but here’s the thing: we have to.

like. i’m trans. i have a trans pin on my jacket and a pretty clear HE pin as well (and I know it’s not about how easy the pin is to read: my old one was even more clear and the same stuff happened. every. day.). Yet, every time I go somewhere, I’m called a girl. People use she/her for me. They refer to a group with me in it as “ladies.” Even though I’ve clearly shown what pronouns to use. 

I introduce myself as James and people call me Jane or comment on how ‘that’s an unusual name’ (with the extremely obvious for a girl going unspoken most of the time), and continue to use she/her for me. Sometimes, they ask me how to spell it (they ask me how to spell James.) because they can’t believe a ‘girl’ would have that name.

If I want somebody to stop misgendering me, I have to say out loud that I’m trans, use he/him pronouns for me. I have to remind them every day, every time they misgender me, until they stop. And they never do stop completely. Even if they met me after I came out and have therefore always known me as a guy.

If you want us to stop ‘shoving it in your face’ maybe pay attention to our signals first.

also @ cis gays: y’all do this too, i was too busy making the general post to realise that my example was v specific


I just took this quiz to find out what Shakespeare archetype i am

I got “The girl who’s always disguising herself as a boy for some reason” and im LAUGHING so hard it’s so real


I know y’all can’t stop jerking off to the q slur for long enough to read any conflicting opinions but Please consider that some of us have actually been called that word in real life and find more power in utterly rejecting it and refusing to be associated with it than with reclaiming it


afab means “assigned feral at birth”



give me one good hershey’s kiss and i’ll be alright

me raiding my pantry after the third emotional breakdown of the night