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I’m an unromanceable npc but you have the option to fight me


i love being unreachable. yeah i’m on my phone but u can’t reach me. im always on do not disturb. no i won’t answer ur calls i’m having some personal moments please respect them.


i feel like i have rabies but like emotionally

My mask has the biggest beak. And it's filled with the finest spices and aromatics. Juniper, mint, rose petals, cloves, laudanum, you name it and I have it. My overcoat is perfectly waxed to keep the plague flesh off of me. My cane is the perfect length to examine patients. My medical encyclopedias are among the largest and most difficult to read. I've trained bloodletting in Naples and I have witnessed an exorcism in Rome. Anyway, you have demons in your blood.

This is by far the most sensual ask I’ve ever received


on all levels except physical i am just a little ghost orb

hello. add me in pocket camp





oh to live in the treasure planet universe

oh to have a huge petticoat and a lazer gun and travel from planet to planet in a large 18th century style spaceship

and to have John Rzeznik from Goo Goo Dolls validate your existence thru the power of a 90s grunge ballad

yeah that too!!



people w adhd are just The funniest people alive i love us

the H in ADHD stands for Hilarious


why don’t i have cat ears. fuck life


dont ask me what tf im talking about. i dont know ok? im just the vessel. the message has been gifted. i‘ve moved on