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tumblr popularity is worthless it just gets you people legitimately like wanting you dead , and people sending ‘cryptic’ asks like “in 2021 horses will be made of blood” in hopes youll go “omg this is the scariest thing i have ever read this is so fucking cryptid op do you shit” and it gets 7,000,000,000,000,000 note


So… anyone else super bothered that the term “hyperfixation” seems to have slithered its way into the vocabulary of your average internet user and now basically everyone is using it as a synonym for “obsession”?

Like I’m not going to blame individual people for not knowing any better (and besides some people might be neurodivergent and not know it… or they know but just haven’t told anyone publically, which is their right) but the general phenomenon just upsets me.

Hyperfixation is an ADHD and autism specific term because our obsessions just ARE much more intense in general. Learning about what the term meant helped me understand why I could recite the entire Lion King film in two languages and why I literally dropped out of school after I started watching The X-Files because my obsession with the show consumed me to the point I couldn’t do anything else. It helped me understand why, despite the fact that pretty much everyone had obsessions, other people’s obsessions weren’t downright debilitating like mine often were.

The way we function in this world differs a lot from neurotypicals (and other neurodivergent people with different disorders) and we need to have our own words to describe our symptoms and behaviors. It just saddens me to see that our experiences are time and time again ripped away from us and tweaked a little so they can be used as some “relatable”, “quirky” memes that apply to literally everyone on this planet.


I did the being edgy and self-deprecating thing, it gets old. I wanna be soft and lovely and easily impressed. I wanna appreciate all the little things that make me happy the same way I’ve dwelled on every single thing that upsets me.


ah, yes,,, my 3 alignments,,,,



being into shounen really is good for my mental health because whenever im about to give up on doing something that will be good for me like drawing or leaving the house i think “gon/deku/luffy/whatever wouldnt give up” and i end up doing it ………………… sad but true

me: mmrnghgfh i cant do this

the hxh opening in my brain: you can try!

me: i can try …………


i really wish everyone had good hearts and good intentions for others. honestly.


i hate it when people ask “what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?” like. awfully bold of you to assume i’ve reached peak dumbass.


aeon and i in some deep shit for some fucking reason LMAO?

us minding our business when this dude comes out of nowhere:


a person i’ve never met before in my life: *greets me by name*



time to get dressed for the day! *magical girl sequence*