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Even his father





oh to live in the treasure planet universe

oh to have a huge petticoat and a lazer gun and travel from planet to planet in a large 18th century style spaceship

and to have John Rzeznik from Goo Goo Dolls validate your existence thru the power of a 90s grunge ballad

yeah that too!!



mushrooms are very powerful. I would trust a mushroom before I would trust any man.


You know she had to do it to them…

…But at what cost….


karna sacrificed himself to get you out of arjuna’s sight at the end of the first cycle you experienced because you didn’t realize yet that the whole world resets in order to remove impurities every 10 days. but when ashwatthama sends jinako back to the first cycle he comes across a persistent karna-shaped shadow in the void who absolutely refuses to be defeated, and when jinako finally gets to leave the cube karna returns as well because karna promised to be jinako’s guardian for as long as she lives



newton’s second law of motion: f=ma

newton’s third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…equivalent exchange


When life gives you too many frogs…

Photos by Mochi


The fact that Big Time Rush disbanded only after 5 years because they never got attention hurts me so much. How do you feel armys? Fuck you tbh. Just because bts have fame and money doesnt mean they are the best/only group out there. Have you ever tried listening to other groups? Like Big Time Rush for example? No. So fuck you. They even had a comeback 5 years ago and guess what. Yall fkn ignored them. Well it was their last one it seems. Forget about talking to me tomorrow or I‘ll fkn throw ur ass back in yo mama‘s stomach. If u read the whole thing and you‘re still army only fuck off. Seriously. Big Time Rush forever..


gacha 2